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Welcome to the homepage of the Kappa Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu at Cornell University! Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is the national Electrical and Computer Engineering honor society. Outstanding persons are elected to Eta Kappa Nu primarily from the junior and senior classes of accredited undergraduate programs. Our goal is both to improve the scholastic ability of ECE students and to reward those who have excelled in their studies. We organize social events, offer an extensive tutoring program and try to bridge students to a large and prestigious ECE network. The overall purpose of Eta Kappa Nu is to recognize and prepare future leaders both from a technical and professional standpoint, and in turn, to be a constructive force for both members and non-members alike.

Review Sessions

We host prelim and final exam review sessions for ECE 2100, 2200, 2300, and 3140 in order to help students to excel in these courses. Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming review sessions!


Our members are more than happy to set up tutoring sessions per request for students taking ECE courses wanting extra outside help in learning course material. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Social Events

Every semester, we host a number of social events such as welcome-back events at the beginning of the school year and mixers for new ECE students. Check out our calendar for a complete list of events!


We host special workshops to show interested students how to use various tools such as LaTeX, git, etc. We'd love to hear your suggestions on what you would like to see us offer in the future. See our workshop resources here


Our members participate in multiple volunteering events every semester in an effort to better the engineering community at Cornell as well as the town of Ithaca. We give back to thank the community that fostered our growth.


As an entity representing the community of ECE students at Cornell, we act as a liaison between students and professors and also work to connect undergraduates with ECE alumni.

News & Recent Events

Check out what we've been up to!

Please browse through our image gallery to see all of the exciting events we have hosted during the 2018-2019 school year. Many more are on the way, so stay tuned!

Former faculty advisor Professor Cliff Pollock invites e-board to lunch! From L to R: Margot, Sophia, Molly, Prof. Pollock, Ava, Shiva, Shanu. Exciting events we are hosting for the remainder of the Fall 2015 semester! Members of IEEE-HKN participated in teaching a course for high school students! From L to R: Gulnar, Udit, Ava, Ryan, Jason. In the fall of 2015, Cornell Eta Kappa Nu inducted thirteen wonderful and talented ECEs. Our e-board standing proudly next to the HKN crest! Our lovely, dedicated eboard members: Margot, Molly, Sophia, Shiva, Shanu, and Ava (from L to R). Our flyer used to advertise our Newly Affiliated ECE Student Mixer event. Amazing food, amazing students and professors -- what more could we possibly want? Students socializing amongst each other. Students (and Professor Bruce Land!) socializing amongst each other. President Shiva and Vice President Ava having a great time meeting the potential new members of HKN!


What's coming up soon!

Review Sessions - Details to be Announced Shortly


Requirements and reasons to join HKN.

Undergraduate candidates shall be selected from those students in the Junior or Senior class who are pursuing courses leading to a Baccalaureate or equivalent degree in electrical engineering.

1. Juniors who have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper quarter of their electrical engineering class may be elected.
2. Seniors who have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper third of their electrical engineering class may be elected.

Graduate student candidates shall have been graduated from a school of recognized standing and shall possess substantially the same scholastic and other qualifications required for undergraduate membership, as well as a faculty recommendation.

(extracted from The Eta Kappa Nu Constitution, Article VI, Sections 3 and 4)

Inductions are held twice a year and if you qualify academically, you will be automatically contacted by HKN. If you have any questions about whether you qualify for membership, please feel free to contact us. Do also consult our bylaws, which delineate the expectations and guidelines for all Kappa Chapter members.

If extended an invitation to join Eta Kappa Nu, we hope that you seize the opportunity to join an organization with many years of legacy and impact. The reasons to join HKN are vast, and the potential contributions you can make are untold.

HKN Executive Board

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Click the pictures below to read more about the e-board members!

Aaron Wisner - President

Aaron Wisner

Kenneth Huaman - Vice President

Kenneth Huaman
Vice President

Drew Mera - Treasurer

Drew Mera

Michael Solomentsev - Corresponding Secretary

Michael Solomentsev
Corresponding Secretary

Please feel free to fill out the contact form or individually email any of the executive board members with questions you may have regarding membership in HKN, the tutoring program, or just the Kappa chapter in general.

We also welcome corporate requests for hosting informational sessions.